If you’re heading to a foreign country, it’s important to know what diseases or illnesses you may be susceptible to. Protect yourself and your health by booking a consultation with one of our doctors. We recommend scheduling an appointment for a travel consultation 8-12 weeks prior to departure. Your doctor will provide you with important medical information on the country, or countries, you will be travelling to. Your doctor will also advise you on any necessary precautions you should take before going on your trip.

Patients are recommended to see a physician for a travel consultation if they will be:

  • Backpacking, travelling or planning an international vacation
  • Studying or spending a semester abroad
  • Participating in an overseas volunteering or mission program
  • Visiting friends or relatives in a foreign country

Your doctor will also discuss medication and recommended or required vaccines for certain countries. For information, please visit our Travel Vaccinations page.

Book a travel consultation by filling out the form below, or calling us at 403-72-EAGLE.


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