Eaglesmed provides health and fitness assessments for all ages. Health assessments are designed to identify any specific needs that you or a loved one may have, and how to best address any concerns. These assessments are often the first step in detecting diseases early on, particularly ones that may not be physically or visually obvious. They also provide insight into your overall health status and help establish your present position on the health continuum, which guides future care and treatment.

Fitness assessments provide insight into your current levels of physical ability, and offer valuable insight to individuals who may be:

  • Participating in a new sporting program
  • Setting fitness and training goals
  • Measuring progress following injury or illness

Eaglesmed aims to assist our patients in achieving their health and fitness goals, by providing professional medical advice and recommendations.

Find out more about our health and fitness assessments by calling us at 403-72-EAGLE, or book an appointment below.


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