Botox for Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that is characterized by excessive or uncontrollable sweating. This severe sweating can occur in the underarms, groin, palms, feet, and other areas of the body. This condition can be very embarrassing for the sufferer, and cause them to fear social or work functions where their condition may come up. In the majority of cases, multiple applications of prescription or topical antiperspiration throughout the day is not enough to combat the severe sweating. Now, developments in medical and cosmetic technology have found an effective cure for hyperhidrosis.

Eaglesmed Clinic offers this safe, long-lasting solution for hyperhidrosis. BOTOX injections have been proven to block the chemical signals that stimulate these overactive sweat glands, resulting in no sweating from the local area. Effects are noticeable within two weeks, and can last up to a year. Allow yourself to be free from the constant psychological worry and stress that comes with this condition.

Botox for Chronic Migraine

Sufferers of chronic migraine usually experience severe headaches lasting 4 or more hours, 15 or more days each month. BOTOX has been approved by the FDA for treating chronic migraine, by reducing the symptoms and alleviating the pain of chronic migraine.

A trained injector will administer the neuromodulator to key areas of the head and neck that have been proven to relieve symptoms of migraine headaches for up to 3 months.

Please book a consultation, or contact us at 403-72-EAGLE, to see if you are eligible for this treatment.



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